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About Primesouth

Primesouth draws on 30 years of experience in energy and power plant operations and maintenance (O&M) expertise. Our customers achieve increases in safety, reliability and operability with Primesouth's innovative O&M programs.

We have a wealth of experience with power generation, ranging from large gas turbine facilities to small and medium-sized coal, biomass and synthetic fuel facilities. We understand the concerns and regular business hurdles that come along with owning, operating and maintaining power plants, which is why we maintain our customers' plants as if they were our own.

Among the first to have site-specific environmental programs, we regularly conduct audits for enhancing operating efficiency, minimizing environmental impacts and cutting maintenance costs. Primesouth also has an exemplary safety record, with recent honors and awards coming from multiple safety councils, including the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA).

Primesouth provides fully developed outage programs for temporary staffing, from initial startup assistance to operations and maintenance.

Primesouth delivers excellence in:

  • Management Services
  • Operations & Maintenance Services
  • Training & T/A Consulting Services Programs
  • OEM Advisors & Representatives
  • Inspections & Upgrade Packages
  • Parts Sales
  • New Power Plant Supply
  • Lifetime Extensions
  • Inspection Interval Extensions
  • Turbine Repair & Manufacturing

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