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Primesouth assists utility and power generation facilities all over with services that help meet their plant's requirements for startup, operations and maintenance. With years of proven experience, we provide the highest quality and most reliable services possible. Explore some of Primesouth's previous projects:

Gas Turbine Fuel Systems Conversion- Myanmar

Primesouth’s team has been contracted by the EPC firm to upgrade the combustion system to operate on low BTU fuel for one relocated MW701D Gas Turbine. Primesouth team designed, upgraded and will commission the new modified fuel systems in May of 2014.

Pinelands Biomass- Allendale and Dorchester Counties, SC

Primesouth provided EDF Renewables with construction management support, professional management services and craft and trades support staff for the construction of the Pinelands Biomass.

  • Two nominal 17.8 MW generating facilities located in Allendale and Dorchester Counties in South Carolina
  • The two projects will interconnect to Santee Cooper's transmission system adjacent to the sites with the generated renewable energy contracted to the utility under 30-year Power Purchase Agreements
  • The projects use a well proven biomass design with a stoker boiler, supplied by Factory Sales Engineering (FSE) and a steam turbine generator supplied by General Electric (GE)
  • Bibb Engineers is the engineer of record and Summit Industrial Construction is the general contractor

Allendale and Dorchester Counties have substantial and reliable wood supply. The Pinelands project will bring significant economic benefits to both counties by contracting with the existing trucking and wood supply industry and creating new jobs.

Dell Power Plant – Dell, AR        

Allegany Station – Filmore, NY

Primesouth took over the operations and maintenance for Rochester Gas & Electric's Allegany Station. The plant is a 62-megawatt (MW) combined cycle, which utilizes the following equipment:

  • General Electric LM6000 Gas Turbine (185-143 PA SAC)
  • General Electric Steam Turbine
  • Deltak Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)
  • Mitsubishi Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
  • Bailey Infi-net 90 Distributive Control System (DCS)

Originally designed as a cogeneration facility with an adjacent greenhouse, the Allegany Station had all interconnections except for a water supply line (from the station to greenhouse) severed.

Primesouth helped increase Allegany Station's Value Weight Availability (VWA) from 97.2 percent to 100 percent and continues to meet customer expectations on the project.

Dell Power Plant – Dell, AR        

Dell Power Plant – Dell, AR

At the Dell Power Plant, Primesouth provided complete operations and maintenance services for the 580-MW, natural gas fired combined cycle facility that utilized F Class technology. The project is operated and maintained by 19 non-union Primesouth employees.


Baiji Power Station- Baiji, Iraq

Primesouth’s team managed and performed all aspects of the inspection and repair of one Siemens SGT5-2000 (v94.2) combustion turbine generator set due to a fire and Foreign Object Damage (FOD). This included the supply of all parts, providing all technical oversight and labor to assess and correct the damage.

Taza Power Station- Kirkuk, Iraq

For SGT5-1000 and SGT5-4000 Taza Power Station Combustion Turbine inspections, Primesouth’s team managed and implemented all tasks associated with two minor inspections and one major inspection on the Siemens V64.3a and V94.3a Gas Turbines. Primesouth's team supplied all parts and services to include:

  • Capital
  • Consumables
  • Commission
  • Repairs

The team restored over 26 percent increase of power due to their technical competence and efforts.

Power Station Training Simulators

Primesouth's team designed and built two operator training simulators to cover a variety of gas turbine generators, allowing training in start-up, adverse operating situations and shut-down for the following equipment:

  • GE LM2500 with Woodward Micronet and Netcon 5000 controllers
  • GE LM6000 with Woodward Micronet
  • MKVI Millennium and Netcon 5000 controllers
  • GE Frame 9E with MKV controllers
  • Siemens V64.3 and V94.3 with Teleperm controllers

Remote Monitoring System Design


  • TM2500 - LM6000 - F5 - F6 - F9E


  • V64.3 - V94.2 - V94.3


  • FT8


REX Energy—Evans City, PA        

REX Energy—Evans City, PA

Primesouth signed an operational and maintenance agreement with R.E. Gas Development on April 15, 2009 to operate a well head gas processing plant in Evans City, PA for REX Energy. The plant will be staffed with one plant operator until construction of the main plant is completed.

Ethanol Acquisitions LLC Project – Hereford, TX        

Ethanol Acquisitions LLC Project – Hereford, TX

Primesouth provides operations and maintenance service for Ethanol Acquisition LLC on a 105 million gallon per year facility located in Hereford, TX. The facility is currently maintained by six employees as it awaits its next project.

Additional Projects

Santee Cooper Winyah Synfuel Project - Georgetown, SC   Santee Cooper Winyah Synfuel Project - Georgetown, SC
Brooklyn Navy Yard Project - Brooklyn, NY   Brooklyn Navy Yard Project - Brooklyn, NY
Westtex Renewables – Midlands, TX   Westtex Renewables – Midlands, TX
Griffith Energy Facility - Kingman, AZ   Griffith Energy Facility - Kingman, AZ
CRSS Viking Operations, Inc. – Michigan and Pennsylvania   CRSS Viking Operations, Inc. – Michigan and Pennsylvania
CRSS Hopewell Operations, Inc. – Hopewell, VA   CRSS Hopewell Operations, Inc. – Hopewell, VA
    General Motors – Grand Rapids, MI
Lyonsdale Cogeneration Facility – Lewis County, NY   Lyonsdale Cogeneration Facility – Lewis County, NY
nnCOGEN/Trinity Power Project - Trinidad   InnCOGEN/Trinity Power Project - Trinidad
Savannah River Project – Aiken, SC   Savannah River Project – Aiken, SC

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