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Training, Simulators and Consulting

In the power generation industry, plants are forced to adapt to obstacles that arise throughout the project development process. Primesouth is ready to work with you to prepare for these challenges with training and consulting services.

We offer training and advanced policies, procedures and programs to help manage the operations, maintenance and administration of your facilities. Our consulting services help you find the best solutions throughout your projects.

Our training and consulting services include:

  • Environmental Compliance Programs
  • Safety & Accident Prevention Programs
  • Performance Monitoring & Testing Programs
  • Personnel Training for Duty Programs
  • Functional Area Operating Goals
  • Financial Management (Budget development, cost forecasting, mekeeping, resource and inventory control)
  • Planning Networks (On-line & outage period resource management)
  • Facility Management Standards


Primesouth's real world power plant training is backed with simulators, including full scope, part-task trainers, as well as simulator retrofits and upgrades. We also provide customers with specific components, complete turnkey systems and all other needed simulator design tools. Primesouth uses a worldwide network, industry experience and customer service to help meet the demand for your simulator needs. We offer the highest quality of simulation training for power plant systems.

Our simulators come with an advanced training environment for reduced costs, optimized plant operating procedures and licensing. Operators who use this training get necessary skills to help improve plant performance, lessened downtime and improved response time.

We have a strong commitment to customer service and support that goes beyond the industry standard, helping customers improve their expertise, knowledge and confidence in our simulators.

Contact us today to learn more about the training, simulators and consulting that Primesouth can provide for your company.